The most important thing that any of us can do in life: TRY

A woman stuck in a small, snowbound border town has dreams of doing comedy when she meets a washed up, burned out comedian with dreams of doing anything else.

“There are surprises galore, with performances, writing, and direction, that all combine together to create a genuine treasure of a film. This is the sort of film that’ll stick with you for a long while”

- The Curb

“International Falls has a similar feel to Fargo...It will leave you feeling both sad and supremely satisfied.”

- The Stranger

“Between the punchy rapport Harris and Huebel have organically and McGinnis’ dynamic maneuvering around what’s largely a single location not to mention any number of treacherous subjects, “International Falls” is energetic and consistently engaging throughout”

- MoveableFest

“A sincere screenplay and great character dynamics combine for this bittersweet but hilarious examination of two lives half-lived.”

- Escape into Film

“If you decide to go through with this... tell the truth. No matter how ugly it is. Be yourself”

Director: Amber McGinnis(The Gift, Missy, 9 Days Later)
Featuring: Rachel Harris (Suits, The Hangover, Lucifer)
Rob Huebel (Transparent, Human Giant, Arrested Development)
Matthew Glave (Narcos, Mad Men, First Man)
Kevin Nealon (Weeds, Happy Gilmore, Man with a Plan)
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2019
Duration: 93 minutes
Country: United States