Life's a Gatecrash

Gatecrash is a dark, twisted psychological thriller that follows Nicole (French-born Olivia Bonamy) and Steve (Ben Cura) as they discover themselves to be the protagonists of a terrible hit and run situation; with the evidence suggesting this was no accident. The film co-stars Samuel West as a menacing witness to the accident, and Anton Lesser (best known for TV’s Game of Thrones and film A United Kingdom) as their victim.

Based on the award-winning play Life’s A Gatecrash

Director: Lawrence Gough (Dr. Who, Snatch the Series)

Featuring: Ben Cura (Marcella, Gun Shy, 15 Minutes of War)

Olivia Bonamy (Ils, Aux Animaux la Guerre)

Samuel West (Nothing Hill, Suffragette, Van Helsing, Darkest Hour)

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2019

Duration: 90 minutes

Country: United Kingdom