You won't get away with it

With no financial means, and the legal system having failed her, Anna decides to take action against a dangerous man she believes responsible for her younger sister's suicide. While Anna's stoic grief and dark obsession increases every day, her girlfriend pleads for her lover to move on with her life will fall on deaf ears.

"A dark, gripping crime thriller with no wasted motion, stripped down to essential elements, with a fierce woman protagonist."

- Film Threat

“Edge-of-your-seat suspense``

Director: Paul Barbeau (We Have Forever, Pieces Of A Woman)

Featuring: Natalie Krill (Below Her Mouth, Hollywoodland)

Alexia Fast (Captive, Jack Reacher, The Ninth Passenger)

Erin Agostino (Eye On Juliet, A Swingers Weekend)

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Year: 2020

Duration: 85 minutes

Country: Canada