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Todd Blubaugh stars in his first feature film by director Trevor Hawkins

Most know Todd Blubaugh as the ramblin’ man behind the lens of some of the most iconic motorcycle photography in the past decade. In 2016, while working on the feature story about Todd’s book, Too Far Gone (Issue 024), Todd shared with me something secret; he’d starred in a movie written and filmed by longtime friend and director Trevor Hawkins. The rough cut of the trailer elicited an emotional response that had me laying in wait for Todd to release it to the world. Nearly a year later, I got the call that Todd was ready to let the cat outta the bag.
Lotawana is based around Trevor Hawkins’ life growing up on the Missouri lake of the same name. It explores one possible future in the life of Forrest, a character based loosely on a mix of both Hawkins and Blubaugh, who lives on a boat on Lake Lotawana. The film is a visceral rollercoaster of beauty and pain begging the question ‘what makes a life worth struggling for?.’

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By: Adam Fitzgerald. Iron & Air